Tweak It Practice

Phase 2 – Tweaks of the Week

In Phase 2, pick your “unique” Tweaks of the Week every seven days. 

For approximately 30 minutes each week, you will:

Step 1: Review your previous week’s TWEAK IT snapshot, in your preferred calendar and priority list system. 

Step 2: Select your “unique” Tweaks of the Week,” which are the small actions and priorities that will change each week depending upon your “unique” personal or professional goals for the next seven days.  For example, plan a trip to a local museum for next month, call your insurance agent to review your coverage, or listen to a podcast that explains how to use LinkedIn. 

Need Inspiration as you pick your “unique” tweaks?  

In the book, TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day: (Download PREVIEW of Introduction and Chapter 1)

  • Read the stories of how Lisa, Jeff, Denise and Pete used the TWEAK IT practice to manage their every day work+life fit.
  • Review best, simple, get-started advice from over 50 career and personal life experts in the TWEAK IT Inspiration section.

On the TWEAK IT community site:

Step 3: Add your standard and “unique” Tweaks of the Week into your calendar and priority list system. This gives you a complete TWEAK IT snapshot for the next seven days.  

Step 4:  Stay motivated and track your success throughout the week.

  • Track your standard and “unique” tweaks in the mobile-friendly “My Tweaks” Tracker.  See “How to Use the Community Site."  
  • Share your TWEAK IT advice and celebrate your success and the TWEAK IT success of others on the social media platforms #TWEAK IT.

For more, go to the TWEAK IT Practice Worksheets.