Tweak It Practice

Phase 1 – Get Started

In Phase 1, you lay the groundwork for your weekly TWEAK IT practice. You will:

Step 1: Create a TWEAK IT snapshot that pulls your work and personal actions and priorities into one, complete picture.  

Step 2: Pick a simple calendar and priority list system to track your TWEAK IT snapshot.  

Step 3: Decide what “success” will look like when you follow the practice.  

Step 4: Choose your “standard” tweaks, which are the actions and priorities that will stay the same (won’t change) from week to week.  For example, going to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 a.m., or networking with a current or new colleague every Tuesday.  

Need Inspiration as you pick your “standard” tweaks?  

In the book, TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day: (Download PREVIEW of Introduction and Chapter 1)

  • Read the stories of how Lisa, Jeff, Denise and Pete used the TWEAK IT practice to manage their every day work+life fit.
  • Review best, simple, get-started advice from 50 career and personal life experts in the TWEAK IT Inspiration section.

On the TWEAK IT community site:

  • Share your “standard tweaks” on the TWEAK IT social media platforms #TWEAKIT, and ask for advice from others.  
  • Watch the weekly Tweaks of the Week videos and expert interviews on the YouTube channel.
  • Look at the TWEAK IT experts’ links and resources in the TWEAK IT Inspiration tab on the site.  

For more, go to the TWEAK IT Practice Worksheet; download PDF under Tips/Worksheets tab on the site.