Tweak It Practice


Welcome to the TWEAK IT Community! 

Do these questions sound familiar? Do you...

  • Prepare for a meeting, or leave work a few minutes early to go to the gym?
  • Catch up on emails, or meet a friend for coffee?
  • Ask for overtime, or take your mother to the doctor?
  • Finish your report, or read at your son’s school?  

We live in a modern, hectic world of constantly competing demands, and we wrestle with these questions every day. How do you get your job done and take care of yourself, nurture your relationships, care for your loved ones, keep up your job skills, and maintain your personal finances and your home?  

The TWEAK IT community will help you put the simple, commonsense TWEAK IT practice into action. Use it to:

  • Create a complete picture of your work and life. 
  • Move personal and career goals from your "to do" list to your "it's done" list. 
  • Capture and value the power of small, everyday actions and priorities that you may dismiss, but that actually have a big impact on your well-being, on and off the job, when pulled together.
  • Celebrate what you do accomplish, because perfection is not the goal. 
  • Commuicate and collaborate with your loved ones, boss and colleagues to make what matters happen in a way that works for everyone.  

Start with the book, TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to Happen Every Day: (Download PREVIEW of Introduction and Chapter 1) 

  • Understand the seven new truths about work and life that affect all of us.
  • Realize who needs to “tweak” their everyday work+life “fit” (Hint: everyone).
  • Learn the secrets of the work+life "fit" naturals that led to the TWEAK IT practice. 
  • Understand how to complete the three simple phases of the TWEAK IT practice.
  • Read how four individuals—two men and two women—used the practice in their own lives
  • Get inspired by the best, simple, get-started advice from experts in fifty work and life related areas.  

Join the TWEAK IT Community:

Over time you'll find that you can:

  • Prepare for a meeting, and leave work a few minutes early to go to the gym.
  • Catch up on emails, and meet a friend for coffee.
  • Ask for overtime, and take your mother to the doctor.
  • Finish your report, and read at your son’s school.