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WATCH author, Cali Williams Yost, talk about the book:

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Huffington Post Live "Rethinking Work-Life Balance" 


LISTEN to author, Cali Williams Yost, talk about the book: 

NPR--All Things Considered: "Telework: Not Just for Moms and Millennials"

WSJ MarketWatch: "The Average Telecommuter Isn't Who You Think It Is"

Federal News Radio: "Telework Policy Isn't Enough: Why Government Workers Also Need to "Tweak Their Work+Life Fit 

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WSJ's MarketWatch: "Why Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban Isn't a Surprise" 

WNYC's The Leonard Lopate Show
January 2013


READ about author, Cali Williams Yost, and work+life fit: 

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