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Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin is the executive editor of Guideposts magazine, a monthly, inter-faith publication that inspires more than two million readers to connect their spiritual values to their daily lives. Hamlin also writes about his faith practice in his On the Journey blog on

1) : When you change your password, use a name on your prayer list or an affirmation. I used to have to change my password at work every month. I always used the name of somebody on my prayer list, so every time I typed in my password I would pray for them. 2) : Make the “Holy Spirit Lord of your time.” Years ago, I was talking to Richard Bolles who wrote, “What Color is Your Parachute?” Not only is he a really good job search advisor, but he was an Episcopal priest. He hasn't practiced for a long time, but he said to me “The Holy Spirit is the Lord of your time.” Every day you're going to have a list of things you have to do. You're going to set out and plow your way through the list and goals, but there's always going to be interruptions. You need to let those interruptions, or the Holy Spirit in an interruption, be the Lord of your time. Do not fight them. Sometimes those things that will happen can be even more important than that thing that you were sure you had to accomplish.