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Dr. Pamela Peeke

Dr. Pamela Peeke is an internationally recognized expert, physician, scientist and author in the fields of nutrition, stress, fitness and public health. She is a regular science and health commentator for CNN, Fox and NPR and on Everyday Fitness with Dr. Pam Peeke on Peeke is also the author of many national bestselling books including her most recent, “The Hunger Fix.”

Crank up the music on your “iWhatever” and just get up and dance. Who can't dance? Everyone looks stupid dancing, right? You could dance in a group. Dance on your head. Who cares? But just get up and take a dance break. You can do it anywhere. Go in to the employee locker room. Do it in the bathroom. Do it outside when it's a nice day. You're crazy. I'm crazy. We’re all happy. Just say you're dancing. Lady Gaga and you. It's all about you and so you just keep it rocking.
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