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Judy Martin

Judy Martin helps business people navigate the sensory overload, reduce stress and cultivate resilience in what she calls the “work-life merge.” She is a meditation teacher and creator of the Practical Chaos™ meditation and breathing program for resilience and serenity. Martin is also a journalist whose work has been featured on the Marketplace Report, NPR, CNBC, BBC Radio 3, and News 12 Long Island, and the producer of

1) Pick a mantra--a word or phrase--that resonates with you. You hear the word mantra and you think chants in India, but mantra is really about setting intention. It's a word that triggers the relaxation response, whether that word is love, peace, family, de-stress. It doesn't matter what it is. Energy follows intention; therefore, an affirmation, or mantra, brings you into a state of meditation and reduced anxiety. Choose a word or phrase that resonates with you. You’ll feel in your body that when you say it, you’re in a place of calm. It slows the wheels of the mind as you control the waves of the mind and brings more silence.