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Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson is a small business strategy and life coach, trained by Oprah guru, Martha Beck. Two years ago she started the “Escaping Mediocrity” community and site for people “craving freedom from the death grip of mediocrity…and transforming our little corner of this world into something amazing.”

1) Try something different for dinner. We all have our standard seven-menu items that we make every week because that’s just the way it goes. Monday is spaghetti night, etc. What if you did something completely different? Get out the cookbook. Try your hand at a new dish. What is the worst thing that can happen? It fails. You throw it out into the trashcan and you order pizza. Go to the grocery store ethnic section. Cook a star fruit. What’s a star fruit? What do you do with that? Pick one up and find out. You may hate it, but who cares. It doesn’t matter. 2) Give yourself an hour in a bookstore or library to just wander around and see what peaks your interest. I can get sucked into a library for two hours easily. Just wander and look at that interesting cookbook or look at that new arrival on the non-fiction shelf, whatever it is.
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