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Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson “invests in stocks, people, concepts and dreams.” She is the author of “Dare-Dream-Do,” former award-winning Wall Street analyst, venture capitalist and a writer for Harvard Business Review.

1) Ask for one thing a day that you want from someone to whom your pattern is normally to give. Create a space, mentally and emotionally, where you can dream. For example, if you’re always doing things for your children, ask them to get you a drink of water. Or if you're always doing things for your partner or for your coworkers, ask them for one small, small, small thing, because then you're making space for yourself. 2) Say “no” one time per day. You can't really learn to say “yes” until you learn to say “no.” That forces you to rank and learn to prioritize which, again, clears space for your dream. It means saying “no” to someone that you don't usually say “no” to. I wouldn’t advise saying “no” to your children all day that doesn't work. But say “no” to someone on the PTA or to someone at work, “No, I'm sorry, I won't be able to do that.” Again, you're practicing making that space.
  • Dare, Dream, Do.