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Elizabeth Mascali

Elizabeth Mascali, along with her lifestyle and entertaining partner, Dawn Sandomeno, are co-founders of Party Blueprints, Inc. and the authors of Plan to Party (Yorkshire, 2010). They’ve been featured on the Today Show, and Martha Stewart Living Radio, and are contributing experts to Good Housekeeping’s blog. Their motto is, “There’s no place like home for a party!”

Plan time for you, as the host or hostess, to get ready the day of the party. If you're fully present and you're ready to enjoy you’re gathering, then your guests are going to have a wonderful time. Nobody wants to answer the door for their guests after they've put all this time and effort into a celebration looking like a haggard wet dishrag. A couple of days in advance, pick out the outfit and shoes you are going to feel comfortable in. A couple of hours before the party, get showered, do your hair, and put your makeup on. Feel good. And then before your guests come, light your candles, and put the music on. Even have a little sip of your drink that you've prepared for celebration just so that you can get into the proper mental space of the party.
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