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Just for Dads I

Matt Schneider

Matt Schneider is a former teacher and co-organizer of the NYC Dads Group, an information sharing and Meet-Up network of involved fathers who want to get together and spend quality time with their kids.

1) Find ways to be involved (from Day 1 or earlier). Parenting is more about practice than instinct. If you don't practice tasks like changing diapers, calming your crying baby, or giving your baby a bath, you'll never become competent. The tasks change as they get older, but the rule still applies. 2) Commit to be proactive. In a two-career household, both parents need to be engaged and capable in the day-to-day household tasks and schedule. If you walk into a kitchen and see dirty dishes, do them. If it's bath night, give your kids a bath. If you wake up first, get your kids dressed.