How to Use Community Site

The TWEAK IT Community Site provides the accountability, support and inspiration you need to put the TWEAK IT practice into action every day:

  • Mobile-friendly “My Tweaks” Tracker to monitor your standard and unique tweaks progress from your mobile device.
  • Built-in TWEAK IT social media community where you can share your “tweaks” and advice and get inspiration from others.  
  • Additional resources and tips/worksheets that compliment the information in the book, TWEAK IT.  

Step 1: Read the book, TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day (Center Street/Hachette): (Download PREVIEW of Introduction and Chapter 1)

You will get the most out of the community if you understand the:

  • 7 Truths About Work and Life in a Modern, Hectic World of Competing Demands
  • 3 Phases of the simple, commonsense TWEAK IT practice
  • Get-started advice of the 50 personal life and career experts showcased in book (check out the impressive group in TWEAK IT Inspiration)

Step 2: Login to the Mobile-Friendly “My Tweaks” Tracker:  (CLICK HERE for detailed instructions)

  • Sign in using Facebook or create a new account
  • Complete your profile. IMPORTANT: Think carefully about the day you want your "Tweaks of the Week" to start because it can't be changed once you set it. For example, I start my week on Monday.  
  • After you've completed your weekly TWEAK IT practice worksheet, Input your “standard” and “unique” Tweaks of the Week into your tracker on the site or mobile device.
  • Throughout the next seven days, track your progress. As you complete a “tweak” check the box.
  • The tracker will indicate the percentage of tweaks completed for the week.  

Step 3: Share your "tweaks", advice and inspiration on the TWEAK IT social media community platform of your choice.  Links to all of the sites are in the upper right hand of the site, and include:

For Additional Resources, TWEAK IT Weekly Practice Worksheets and FAQs