What is the difference between a “standard” and “unique” tweak?  
There will be actions and priorities that you will complete each week, again and again.  For example, perhaps you go to the gym the same time each week, go to sleep, take your child to practice, etc.  Those are “standard” tweaks because they generally happen each week, perhaps on a different date and time, but they are consistent.  

A unique tweak is an action or priority that will happen only one or two weeks in a row until you achieve a specific personal or professional goal.  For example, one week you might attend a networking event, meet with your financial planning, or attend your best friend’s birthday party.  These are unique actions or priorities that don’t happen consistently each week.  

More detailed information about standard and unique tweaks can be found in TWEAK IT: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day.  

What if I am already doing a small action or priority as part of my everyday work+life fit?  Do we only include new tweaks in the practice?
Include any small action or priority that you either already do or want to accomplish in your TWEAK IT practice. If you already sing in your local choir every month, include it as a “unique” period tweak.  By including it, you acknowledge, celebrate and value what you are already doing!

If I log into the community site with Facebook, will the tweaks I input into my mobile "Tweaks of the Week" tracker automatically show up on Facebook?
No they will not; however, if you are concerned, log in and "Create a New Account" bypassing the Facebook login.  

How do you use the information I share on the site?  
Your privacy is very important to us, and we have outlined how we handle your information in our Terms of Use policy.