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Do these everyday work-life tradeoffs sound familiar?

•  Prepare for a meeting, or leave work a few minutes early to go to the gym?
•  Catch up on emails, or meet a friend for coffee?
•  Ask for overtime or take my mother to the doctor?
•  Finish some paperwork, or read at my son’s school?

We all wrestle with questions like these constantly.  How do you do your job and take care of yourself, nurture your relationships, keep up your job skills, care for your loved ones and maintain your personal finances and home?

In TWEAK IT, I reveal the secrets of the work+life fit “naturals.”  These are the people I’ve met over the years who seem to fit all of the pieces of their personal and professional lives together with ease.

As I studied the naturals, I discovered they regularly follow four simple practical steps when managing their actions and priorities on and off the job; however, survey results confirmed most of us don’t.  We either don’t know how important these commonsense steps are or we ignore them.  That used to include me!

TWEAK IT shows all of us how to unleash the power of small changes that have a big impact!

"In her new book TWEAK IT, Yost draws upon almost two decades of experience in this area to offer new, commonsense techniques for personal and professional success that will benefit both people and business."  

– R. Glenn Hubbard, Dean, Columbia Business School

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